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‣ An evaluation of opinions concerning immigration and multiculturality in the School for Teacher Training; Evaluación de las opiniones sobre la inmigración y la multiculturalidad en la escuela de alumnos de Magisterio

León del Barco, Benito; Mira, António Ricardo; Gómez Carroza, Teresa
Fonte: Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology Publicador: Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Relevância na Pesquisa
Introduction During the past academic year in Spain, more than 500,000 immigrant students were enrolled in primary and secondary schools. School is one of those places available to society for creating spaces for coexistence and for changing attitudes. The teacher plays a very important role in this task. In this paper we will observe opinions and attitudes of future teachers regarding immigration, and particularly immigration at school. Method In order to analyze these attitudes, we have developed two instruments: the scale of attitudes towards immigration and the scale of attitudes towards multiculturality at school. In order to analyze the psychometric characteristics of these scales we worked with 300 students in Teacher Training at the Universities of Extremadura (Spain) and of Évora (Portugal). For data analysis related to this work we selected 200 students at the University of Extremadura. Results Both attitude scales have very acceptable psychometric characteristics. There were significant differences in the factor “Negative Social Distance” associated with the variables for type of degree program and for knowledge of, or lack of knowledge of, an immigrant group. There are significant correlations between the total scores and scale factors. Discussion For an explanation of differences associated with type of degree program...