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‣ Novel WT1 Missense Mutations in Han Chinese Women with Premature Ovarian Failure

Wang, Huidan; Li, Guangyu; Zhang, Jun; Gao, Fei; Li, Weiping; Qin, Yingying; Chen, Zi-Jiang
Fonte: Nature Publishing Group Publicador: Nature Publishing Group
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Publicado em 11/09/2015 Português
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Premature ovarian failure (POF) is a heterogeneous disease. Though dozens of candidate genes have been identified for the genetic etiology of POF, it is largely unexplained in majority of patients. Recently, Wt1+/R394W mice was found to present POF-like phenotype, which indicates that WT1 might be a plausible candidate gene for non-syndromic POF. The coding region of WT1 gene was screened in 384 patients with POF and 6 novel variations were identified, including two missense mutations (p. Pro126Ser in exon1 and p. Arg370His in exon7) and four intronic variants (c.647-27C > T, c.647-13G > C, c.647-13G > A in intron1 and c.950 + 14T > C in intron 4). In vitro experiments showed that both mutant p. Pro126Ser and p. Arg370His repressed the expression of Amh and Cdh1, and induced the expression of Fshr and Cyp19 in mRNA level (P < 0.05). The expression changes of AMH, FSHR, CYP19 and CDH1 were confirmed by western blot. These genes (AMH, FSHR, CYP19 and CDH1) are required for granular cells (GCs) proliferation, differentiation and oocyte-GCs interaction. The novel mutant p. P126S and p. R370H in the WT1 gene potentially impaired GCs differentiation and oocyte-GCs interaction, which might result in loss of follicles prematurely. Therefore...