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‣ Systematics and evolutionary biology: uneasy bedfellows?

Schwartz,Jeffrey H.
Fonte: Instituto de Biología Publicador: Instituto de Biología
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/03/2011 Português
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The history of systematics and evolutionary biology demonstrates how greatly the "modern evolutionary synthesis" instrumentally prevented, rather than facilitated, the intellectual growth and maturity of the diversity of evolutionary disciplines. In truth, the claim of the synthesis being synthetic is essentially without basis, indeed a myth. Instead, the "synthesis" had precisely the opposite effect: namely, squelching the arena of debate, disagreement, and diverse theorizing that had characterized the preceding decades. Although each of the 3 primary architects of the synthesis - Dobzhansky, Mayr, and Simpson - had his own agenda, they were united around the theme of population genetics and population thinking. When applied to systematics, especially by Mayr, the result can now be seen as confused at best. Perhaps this review will provoke a revival of earlier years of intellectual curiosity and fervor, and rekindle interest in systematic method and theory.