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‣ Drug Induced Liver Injury: Review with a Focus on Genetic Factors, Tissue Diagnosis, and Treatment Options

Khoury, Tawfik; Rmeileh, Ayman Abu; Yosha, Liron; Benson, Ariel A.; Daher, Saleh; Mizrahi, Meir
Fonte: XIA & HE Publishing Ltd Publicador: XIA & HE Publishing Ltd
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
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Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a rare but potentially life threatening adverse drug reaction. DILI may mimic any morphologic characteristic of acute or chronic liver disease, and the histopathologic features of DILI may be indistinguishable from those of other causes of liver injury, such as acute viral hepatitis. In this review article, we provide an update on causative agents, clinical features, pathogenesis, diagnosis modalities, and outcomes of DILI. In addition, we review results of recently reported genetic studies and updates on pharmacological and invasive treatments.