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‣ Preferential pre-mRNA utilisation of an upstream cryptic 5' splice site created by a single base deletion mutation in exon 37 of the FBN-1 gene

Gibson, M.; Ellis, S.; Ades, L.; Haan, E.; Cleary, E.
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Publicado em //1998 Português
Relevância na Pesquisa
A heterozygous deletion of a single base (A4704) from exon 37 of the fibrillin-1 gene was defined in a patient with Marfan syndrome and subsequently in his previously undiagnosed father. The deletion created a cryptic 5' splice site in exon 37 which was utilised in preference to the normal 5' splice site during pre-mRNA processing in skin fibroblasts cultured from the proband. The mutant mRNA showed a 48-bp deletion from the 3' end of exon 37 which was predicted to restore the reading frame in the mutant mRNA and result in the deletion of a 16-amino-acid sequence from a central eight-cysteine repeat motif of the fibrillin-1 molecule. Interestingly, the cryptic 5' splice site in exon 37 and the normal 5' splice site had equally strong consensuses for splice-site selection. The preferential utilisation of the cryptic site is discussed in relation to current theories on the mechanisms involved in pre-mRNA splicing. Analysis by reverse-transcription PCR indicated that, in the patients skin fibroblasts, the steady-state level of the mis-spliced mutant mRNA was close to that from the normal allele. In addition, evidence from immunoblotting and pulse-chase biosynthetic labelling indicated that close to normal amounts of fibrillin-1 were being synthesised and secreted by the cells. However...