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‣ Pouchitis: extracolonic manifestation of ulcerative colitis?

Teixeira,William Gemio Jacobsen; Silva,José Hyppólito da; Teixeira,Magaly Gemio; Almeida,Maristela; Calache,João Elias; Habr-Gama,Angelita
Fonte: Faculdade de Medicina / Universidade de São Paulo - FM/USP Publicador: Faculdade de Medicina / Universidade de São Paulo - FM/USP
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/10/1999 Português
Relevância na Pesquisa
Pouchitis is the most frequent complication of ileal pouch-anal anastomosis for treatment of ulcerative colitis. There are several possible explanations. Among them, we focus on the one that considers pouchitis as an extracolonic manifestation of ulcerative colitis. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between pouchitis and extra-intestinal manifestations (EIM), which are frequent in these patients. Sixty patients underwent restorative proctocolectomy with an ileal J pouch (IPAA) from September 1984 to December 1998. Pouchitis was defined by clinical, endoscopic, and histologic criteria. The following extra-intestinal manifestations were studied: articular, cutaneous, hepatobiliary, ocular, genitourinary, and growth failure. Thirteen patients, of which 10 were female (76.9%), developed one or more episodes of pouchitis. Twelve patients of this group (92.3%) presented some kind of extra-intestinal manifestation, 4 pre-operatively (exclusively), 2 post-operatively (exclusively), and 6 both pre- and post-operatively (1.7 per patient). Twenty patients (42.7%) of the 47 without pouchitis did not present extra-intestinal manifestations; 10/35 (28.5%) of females had pouchitis, compared to 3/35 (12.0%) of men. Pouchitis was more frequent among females...